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  1. Dear Paul
    It is with some sadness that I saw your trip coming to an end…. I have been following your stories and enjoying your pictures since the beginning of your trip and you have allowed me to dream of those wonderful lands. It’s an adventure by proxy!! In this trip you have pushed boundaries on what it’s deemed “safe” which only come with true adventure and discovery. I admire you for that!
    In this time of media overdose where every corner of the world is filmed, photographed and displayed, I sometime feel that there are no place left for real adventures as this word has become so globalised, accessible and uniformed. But you proved the contrary and it’s so refreshing.
    Your blog is a regular topic of conversation every time I call Peggy (my friend from Paris), together we comment on your latest blog and pictures. So I’m sure Peggy will join me in congratulating you in this trip of a lifetime and especially thanking you for sharing it with us!
    I have shared your blog with my hairdresser who is Colombian and she has become one of your avid followers.
    Well, I hope that our paths will cross again, in Bath or Nepal or somewhere else…. But if you need a home in London feel free to contact me, I will be so pleased to have you as a guest.

    • Wow. Thanks Domi, glad you’ve enjoyed following along! Yes it’d be brilliant to cross paths again soon.
      Hope all’s well

  2. Hey Paul. Have been following your trip from time to time – amazing achievement – huge!
    Sorry to contact you this way! We have all been wondering – are you planning to return to BH?? -( or will the trip leave you needing to reflect for a few more years to come ?!) Someone else may have reached out to you – but i’m going in direct as well! All the very best and hope to hear from you soon. Ken

  3. Thanks, Paul, nice you are pacing yourself after your life enriching experience. I would hope sole day we can break bread together again. Blessing be with you. Peter

  4. Congratulations Paul! A stunning achievement!!
    We hope to see you in Alaska, again… but we recommend that you take at least a week off before you begin your next ride. Ray (from Billie’s Backpackers Hostel)

  5. Hello Paul,

    Congrats for your achievement, it’s wonderful to know that you are ok and finished your dream “magna cum laude” of this splendid trip through Americas.
    You are an ispiration for anyone , for me in particular that I will try to do the same , but starting on the East Coast til Ushuaia, so I probably come back with some questions and advices to kindly ask you. Thanks and Congratulations!

    • Hi Danny, really sorry for the delay in replying… Thanks for the kind words. You’ll have an absolute blast on your trip I’m sure, feel free to hit me up with any questions that spring to mind. Good luck with it all! Paul

  6. Hi Paul
    I just came across your blog when researching about the “Trampolin de la muerte” in Colombia. Having made the same decision to live my dreams rather than dream my life, I can only agree with your choice and encourage people to do the same. Your blog is so well written, it’s highly addictive and your photography is just exceptional! Best regards from another blogger!

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