Where Am I?

Feel free to track my progress here. I’m logging GPS waypoints at the end of every day when I’m on the bike and these are then synced to the tracking map whenever I manage to get wi-fi. At times therefore there could be a bit of a delay before the map is updated with my latest progress, so please bear with me!

10 responses to “Where Am I?

  1. Hi. did you stop and look at the Canal in Panama? Are you learning Spanish? I just had six days walking the coast of Wales and it really has to be up there as amongst the most spectacular places I’ve seen … but Torres del Paine? so gear yourself up for that in a few months. best wishes

    • Hi Fergus, thanks for the message. Yes, I went to the main Pacific side locks – what an engineering marvel! The spanish is reasonable now, I can just about hold a conversation, which has been useful for discussing the Giro over here. The Welsh coast sounds cracking, certainly looking forward to Patagonia…. All the best. Paul

  2. Hi , I want to send my congrats to you for your courage and for the journey! Wondering how didi \ will you manage to cross over Darien Gap(Panama\Colombia)???How many kms a day are you pedaling??

    • Hey, thanks and thanks for visiting. I actually took a boat round the darien, I was too up for an Arnold Schwarzneggar jungle mission. The daily distance varies wildly, but I’d say about 100km would be a rough average. Andean dirt roads are doing their best to lower that figure though.

      All the best


  3. Paul! Just stumbled upon this having seen a link on your facebook. Absolutely fantastic idea, and amazing commitment and courage to get this far. Well done and keep it up! Look forward to reading about the rest of your adventure.

  4. Hi Paul…again!Hope that everything is ok with you…I come back again with some questions..:)
    1.How do you manage with the food? I assume is hard to ride with an extra load on the bike?
    2.Is this trip a private one ? or on behalf of a organisation?
    I am askink this , because I plan to do a journey through Americas , as you did, covering the east coast!
    3.I am also interested to pass over Garien gap….with the bicycle!! I need an advice from you pls.

    ….and if I need anymore advices or to ask you some questions, is that ok to write you a private message?? if yes , could I have your

    Many thanks…and all the best!


    • Hey Danny, I’ll answer your q’s as best I can

      1. I’m pretty minimalist when it comes to food, typically relying on small village shops for picking up provisions on a ‘just in time’ basis. Usually I can get by with just carrying one days worth of food before there’s a chance to resupply and this is very easy to carry, probably less than a kilo, pasta, eggs, stock cube, veg, bread, biscuits, not exactly gourmet but when youre genuinely hungry it tastes great. At times I obviously have to carry a few days worth but this is very rare, eg my Los Nevados mission in Colombia where I needed food for a week, this was around 4kg and there’s a pic of it all on that blog post. With my new light setup I carry a small foldable ruck sack for extra storage for these situations
      2. Private
      3. If you intend to ride I think it’s been done but you basically have to carry your bike not ride it. It would be a total nightmare, not to mention the security sitaution with guerilla groups. Basically everyone crosses by water on the carribean side by charter yacht with the backpackers, small launchas or if you’re seriously hardcore independently by canoe like Nick http://nicholasgault.wordpress.com/ . There’s also talk of a panama to cartagena ferry starting but I’ll believe that when I see it… More info on this can be found on the Pan Am riders wiki page https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/panam-riders

      Feel free to email at theridesouth@hotmail.com if youve got any more q’s

      Hope thats of some help


  5. Hey Paul, i’ve just finished bikepacking the Carretera Austral which I’m guessing you’ll be passing through shortly, but your trip looks amazing and puts mine to shame. It’s a great blog you’ve got here and amazing photos too. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  6. Hi Paul,

    I’ve been thinking about doing this trip for a while and stumbled across your great work! I’m doing the sissy route starting from Anchorage and hoped to get to Ushuaia in 12 months…

    Would you be able to help me with some questions?

    How many miles were you averaging a day?
    How much did you budget per day?
    Did you lose a load of weight?
    Do you think I can risk Alaska in early April or will it be too cold?

    Can’t wait to leave rainy Manchester behind and really hope that I have the right old adventure you had!



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